Visited conferences

This page gives an overview of the conferences, workshops, and summer schools I have visited together with the travel carbon footprint. The accomodation I used is also listed, but not included in the carbon footprint. The calculation is based on averages from Our World in Data.

For biking, I counted 30 g CO2 / km as a rough estimate based on my diet. Flights shorter than 500km are counted as 'domestic' (255 g / km), otherwise they are counted as short/long-haul (averaged on 153 g / km). Trains in the Netherlands probably emit less than the estimate from Our World in Data because the NS runs on wind energy.

The carbon footprint per capita of the Netherlands was 9.66 t in 2017 (26,448 g / day), according to Our World in Data. The global average was 4.79 t in 2016 (13,114 g / day), according to Worldometer.

Transport, aviation, and shipping make up 34% of emissions in the Netherlands. For the average Dutch person this is 3.28 t per year or 8,992 g per day (but note that this includes more than personal travel). Worldwide, we have 16.2% of emissions from transport, which makes this figure 0.78 t per year or 2,125 g per day per capita.

I don't know much about computing carbon footprint. Please let me know if you think something can be done better!

YearMonthLocationTravel modesCarbon footprint (g CO2)AccomodationTitle
20172 conferences over 13 days, for a total of 64,780 g CO2, averaging 4,983 g CO2 / day.
JanNijmegen (45km)3,2803,280 / dayNL-FP Day
JulLeiden (61km)61,5005,125 / daySummer School in Languages and Linguistics
20182 conferences over 2 days, for a total of 5,002 g CO2, averaging 2,501 g CO2 / day.
JanApeldoorn (41km)5,0025,002 / dayNL-FP Day
JanNijmegen00 / dayCLIN
20192 conferences over 5 days, for a total of 31,804 g CO2, averaging 6,361 g CO2 / day.
JulCambridge (393km)25,9008,633 / dayBHLAP
OctUtrecht (59km)5,9042,952 / dayCLSoR
20204 conferences over 16 days, for a total of 8,200 g CO2, averaging 513 g CO2 / day.
JanAmsterdam (88km)8,2008,200 / dayNL-FP Day
MarOnline00 / day#SemiticsTwitterCoronaConference
OctOnline00 / daySyntax Workshop
Nov–DecOnline00 / daySBL Annual